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Frequently Asked Questions about Executive Leads franchise sales lead generation:

Q: What is a franchise candidate and how is that different from a franchise sales lead?

A: A franchise sales lead is an individual who has expressed an interest in learning more about a franchise opportunity. Nothing more, nothing less. At times, these unqualified leads are not serious about buying a franchise, or if they are serious, they are not able to follow though because of financial or geographic reasons. Executive Leads goes a step further than most franchise sales leads generators by qualifying leads before we send them to you. We make sure that each of our leads is call-verified so that when we present them to you, they are more than a person who is interested in learning more about owning a franchise. We give you an individual who is interested in your franchise category, financially solvent, and geographically desirable. We call this a franchise candidate.

Q: What does call-verified mean?

A:  Executive Leads believes that an unqualified lead isn’t a lead at all. So before we send any franchise sales lead to you, we call each and every individual on the phone and speak to them live. During this call we confirm their financial viability for participation in your offering, their interest in your category, and their desired geographic location for owning a franchise By making sure that each of these areas are covered, we can be confident that we are giving you a highly-qualified franchise candidate who is ready to move to the next step in the franchise buying process.

Q: What is GEO Targeting and why is it important?

A: GEO targeting is industry lingo for geographically targeted franchise sales leads. Executive Leads can sort your franchise candidates by state, county and even down to the zip code. We understand that a candidate who is ready to buy a franchise is useless if they want to buy one where you don’t have one available. You can give us the parameters of your open territories and we will deliver only those candidates that meet those geographic parameters. Best of all, with Executive Leads, GEO targeting is provided at no additional charge. Our technology just makes it part of the great package that you get when you work with us.

Q: How do you know what makes a good candidate for my franchise opportunity?

A: Executive Leads will consult with you before we start sending you franchise candidates. At that time, you can give us a profile of who your best franchisees look like in terms in net worth, liquid capital requirements, and geographic location. We use this profile as we sort through leads on your behalf. If they don’t meet these requirements, we don’t send them to you and you are not charged for the lead.

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