Our Leads

Executive Leads is not a portal and we are not brokers. We are a franchise sales lead generating company that is better than ordinary. We call-verify every franchise sales lead we send you to make sure that you can concentrate your time and resources on closing the business, not finding the business. Our proprietary technology, unrivaled data-driven results, and creative approach to the usual way of doing business have made us the preferred provider of franchise sales leads in our industry.

Executive Leads was started by Natalie Nutter, a successful franchise consultant and a former mechanical engineer. Natalie founded Executive Leads after she discovered that franchisors, franchise brokers and franchise consultants needed a better way to find candidates for their franchise opportunities.

Natalie has personal experience with the frustrations facing franchise consultants in this competitive industry. Nearly ten years ago when she was a franchise consultant, she had leads from the traditional franchise lead generating sources. She discovered that she spent more time qualifying the leads than she did speaking to individuals about the franchise opportunities that she had available. She quickly saw a need to find her own leads using a new technique.

It worked, and soon Natalie was enjoying unprecedented success. The word spread that she had a new way of getting leads and her colleagues started talking to her about getting them leads as well. Soon thereafter, she began her career as a franchise sales lead generator.

Natalie’s background had a variety of experiences for her to call upon in her quest to achieve a better way to qualify franchise sales leads. She was one of only ten women in her graduating class from Purdue University to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She applied this education for the next 15 years in the field of mechanical design automation.

Her successes were numerous for this period of her career. Most notably, she helped her company Rasna Corporation climb to the number 3 spot on Inc. Magazine’s top 100 fastest growing companies. Rasna later sold for $500 million.

She decided to try applying this base of knowledge in a new field, business automation. Naturally, she gravitated toward software development in this new endeavor. She joined the start-up team for Blue Martini Software and was instrumental in their public offering two years later that had a $400 Billion peak market cap.

Natalie’s resume shows that her education, knowledge, and varied background were the foundation for her ability to look at the franchise sales lead industry in a new way. Her creative approach and willingness to try things a new way have yielded success not only for herself and her company, but also to the clients she serves.